What is King's Mission?

The most effective, proven and biblical method for planting churches in MUPG (Most Unreached People Group) is the ‘Holistic Partnership Mission led by Local Church’ (HPM, from now on).   It is done by the following 4 entities working in holistic partnership to plant disciple-making churches:

  • Local church
  • Mission organization
  • Existing church in the mission field
  • Missionary

All mission resources (missionary, finance, intercessory prayer) come from the local church so it is just natural that it’s led by the local church.  The senior pastor takes the lead in making the church missional, send off missionaries, and train all members to become missionaries.   The mission organization mobilizes the churches in the mission field to fully support and collaborate with the local church in engaging with the MUPG mission.  Namely, we call this King’s Mission because it is the mission given to all churches to become one to prepare the way of our King.


Moravian Missionaries

In the New Testament, it was always the local church that led the mission.  There is not a single mentioning of the mission organization doing the mission in the bible.  At first, it was the Jerusalem church doing the E1 (Jews) mission.  E2 (Samaria) mission was led by Deacon Philip of the Jerusalem church.  Later, Peter and John joined to help.  E3 (Overseas and end of the earth) mission was led by the Church at Antioch.  The early churches themselves also were the leaders of the world mission.  Historically, the very first  voluntary Christian world mission movement was initiated by the Moravian church.  Who shall go to MUPG to make disciple, baptize, teach, plant churches, train reproduceable leaders and take on the responsibility of the world mission?  It is none other than you, the local church.

LOCAL CHURCH Leading Mission

Looking back the mission history, the lack of church’s commitment for the great commission has necessitated the need for the birth and the leadership of mission organization.  It has fared well.  However, as a result, the church has been set back from the world mission front line.  The churches still do partake in the mission but rather passively.  Now, it has gotten to a point where the churches widely accept the thought that the church is not the main agent for the world mission.  This does not accord with the Bible’s teaching.

Mathew 28:18, a popular verse in the New Testament
Matthew 28:18-20

The church has lost the leadership.  In the meantime, the UUPG mission of the last 30 years resulted in uptrend of UUPG population year-by-year.  Now is the time for the mission to return to the Bible.  Now is the time for the churches worldwide to come together to take the joint responsibility of the great commission.

It is an inconvenient truth but the mission organization give births to mission organizations where as the church gives births to churches.  The explosive interest in the UUPG mission in 1995 has asserted the importance of the ‘Holistic Partnership Mission led by the Local church’.  Unfortunately the vast majority of the churches still retains the traditional mission methodology.

Churches may assure themselves that they’re well on their way to accomplish world mission.  However, when you look under the hood, they typically stop short at praying, supporting financially and going on ‘vision trips’.  You rarely see churches getting engaged in ‘King’s mission’.  Now is the time for the churches wake up to train every individual church member, to live as missionaries living missional life.  It is through these church members that the churches are planted in the MUPG.  GAP-FTT exists to prayerfully advance the King’s mission, the new mission paradigm through the churches in the world.

'PARTNERSHIP' is the Key

Not too many senior pastors are equipped with the professional knowledge of the world mission.  This is exactly where the ‘Holistic Partnership Mission led by Local Church’ (also known as ‘King’s Mission’) comes in.  The key idea is the ‘holistic partnership’.  A local church cannot do it alone.  It needs an active support by the mission organization which operates based on the new paradigm aforementioned.  King’s mission is where the 4 entities (or 4 axes as illustrated below) – local church, mission organization, indigenous church and the missionary – collaborate in a holistic partnership.   For more information, please refer to Chapter 2 of the book, ‘Prepare the Way of Our King’ (by Rev. Goong Kim, Kindle).

The '4 Axes' of the HPM

It’s your church that sets the strategic mission goals, send off the missionaries (both short-term and long term) and lead the MUPG church planting mission.  GAP-FTT is here to provide all the programs that the local churches need to train all pastors and laypeople.

Burden Reduced

Initially, an additional effort and sacrifice is asked of the senior pastor if the local church is to lead the MUPG church planting mission.  Aside from the daily church ministry, the senior pastor needs to study more about the mission, take care of the mission fields, train and lead the short-term  mission teams to plant churches in the mission fields.  This is, however, is the essence of the church.  For this the Lord has built His church to tear down the the gates of hell and to advance His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.  For this purpose, the church is given the power to  bind and loose.

"For an effective mission, I had to learn from a role model, a church with a lot of experience on MUPG church planting mission. It is my firsthand experience that partnership is the best strategy."
Rev. Sanghwan Ko
Silicon Valley
World Mission Baptist Church
Training Indian Ministers via Zoom

A senior pastor, as distressed he may be from all the responsibility, is recharged with great joy and spiritual power when he devotes himself in the essential tasks.  This in turn transforms the spiritual mood of the church.  Realizing that the enemy is outside, the internal conflicts within the church subside.

Preaching the Gospel in the MUPG mission field, one can still experience the same works of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in the early churches.  Church members having experienced this begin to live missional life.  The church as a whole matures spiritually.

Send-off Ceremony of the MUPG Missionary

The churches who partake in the HPM mission share the common confessions: When the church obeys biblically the Lord bestows great blessing on the church.  Yes, this is an extra layer of burden on the senior pastors but it’s the mission that pleases the Lord.  Once the senior pastor steps forward to take on this difficult first step to train, eventually it can be delegated to the lay people.  Out of this cycle, the church gains a healthy maturity.


“Holistic Partnership Mission” by Rev. Goong Kim