Case Studies


Maranatha Vision Church (San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.A) first perceived the vision of UUPG mission in the North India in August, 2009 and embarked on its first mission in December, 2010.  With the abundant grace bestowed upon the church, countless churches had been planted in North India and each has matured into an independent, reproducing and missional church.

Maranatha Vision Church is planting churches in the North India, focused especially in the Level-1 districts where there are less than 0.1% Evangelical Christians.

As of August 2019, the number of active house churches planted by Maranatha Vision Church is 3,758.  446 churches have buildings dedicated to worship.  285 of these are ‘center churches’ which oversee the district.  They are 454 local full-time workers ministering.

Maranatha Vision Church Case Study
– by Rev. Goong Kim


Founded in 1981, World Mission Baptist Church is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in USA.  In 2014, the church was first introduced to Maranatha Vision Church.  In the summer of 2015, after training, World Mission Baptist Church began its King’s mission in partnership with Maranatha Vision Church.  

Afterward, it began its own UUPG mission by adopting Maharashtra state in India engaged in church planting mission very actively.  Simply following the methodology already stated in the Bible, they experienced the power of the Gospel.  In 2017, the very first church was planted in the MUPG they adopted. 

Every short-term mission trip, they were able to lead 400-500 people to Christ and to plant churches throughout the state.  They confess that many church members who participated in the mission have experienced the signs and wonders of God which affirmed their faith in the power of the Gospel.   This in turn helped the church to be united.

World Mission Baptist Church Case Study
– by Rev. Sanghwan Ko


Located in San Jose, CA, USA, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church began its UUPG mission in 2012 by sharing the Gospel and planting churches in Gujarat and AP states in India.  

Year after year, the church sends short-term mission teams to not only expand its mission in new UUPGs but to periodically revisit the churches previously planted to encourage and train the local workers.  The short-term mission team of 10-18 members visit around 300 POP (“person of peace”) houses to lead them to Christ and in every village they visit, a house church is planted.

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Case Study
– Church Planting Mission Report