The Unfinished Task, UUPG

5,000 UUPGs


In order for Jesus’ Great Commission to be fulfilled, the gospel must be preached to all peoples of all nations, peoples, tribes, and languages on the earth, and churches must be established within each tribe. Much progress has been made since this task was given more than 2,000 years ago. However, still 5,000 UUPG (Unengaged Unreached People Group) remains. Still we have not fulfilled the ministry of the gospel all the way around. (Romans 15:19-21).  The top priority task at hand for the churches today is to share the gospel of heaven and plant disciple-making churches among those who are neglected (almost 0% evangelicals) from the good news of Jesus Christ.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations

and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14)

GAP-FTT was established with the purpose of evangelizing the 5,000 UUPG (Unengaged Unreached People Group).  GAP-FTT supports and collaborates with the local churches in obeying the Great Commission of witnessing the gospel of Christ to the unreached people groups and making  disciples, planting churches that in turn disciple the neighboring people groups reproducing disciples and raising local workers among the people groups.

NOTE: The terminologies used here, such as UPG (Unreacehd people Group), UUPG (Unengaged Unreached People Group), MUPG (Most Unreached Peple Group) and their  categorization differ between mission organiations.  THus It is difficult to present a standardized set of statistics.  One thing is for certain is that these people groups are all neglected from the gospel.


Unreached People Group

With the current world population of 7.9 billion, it is estimated that there are 17,000 people groups.  UPG (Unreached People Group) are the ones where there are less than 2% evangelical CHRISTIANS among the people group.  With less than 2% it would not be feasible for evangelism to engage autonomously nor churches be planted.  They need external help.

Currently, there are about 7,400 UPGs in the world.  (Note: The definition of people group and UPG differ between mission research organizations.  The statistics used here is based on Joshua Project.)  


Unengaged Unreached People Group

UUPG(Unengaged Unreached People Group) are the people groups with 0% evangelicals, meaning there is not a single believer.  This is the most desolete place on earth without any missionaries nor a single church.  THere is no bible translated in their local language.

Currently there are about 100 UUPGs left in the world.  As mentioned above, there were about 3,400 UUPGs 20 years ago but as a result of the FTT movement, the number has drastically been reduced to only about 100 UUPGs now.

The number of UUPGs engaged (churches planted) by the GAP (Global Assistance Partners) alone during last 20 years is about 1,100.  You can almost say that the UUPG engagement work is complete.  The remaining 100 or so UUPGs are expected to be engaged soon although many of them are  considered off limit by the foreign missionaries due to the war and etc.

For your reference the standards set by IMB is much more strict.  IMB considers 3,000 UUPGs (population of 270 million) are still left.  FTT on the other hand delists them from the UUPG list if one or more local workers are present or one or two churches are planted to initiate the gospel work in the people group.  There is of course an ongoing monitoring process in place.  Aside from the 100 of them, the 3,000 UUPGs (Unengaged Unreached People Groups) mentioned by the IMB are listed as the 2,800 UUPG (Under-engaged Unreached People Group) on the FTT list.  


Most Unreached People Group

MUPG(MOST UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUP) refers to the people group with less than 0.1% Evangelicals.  Currently there are about 5,000 of them in 130 countries.  In terms of population, they account for 1.9 billion SOULS.  The gospel has barely been preached but still most people still remain in the spiritual darkness.  The Joshua Project refers to them as the “Frontier peoples”.

It is true that the initial work of engaging the UUPGs (Unengaged Unreached People Groups) have already been done, there  remains the work of having to further engage the MUPGs (Most Unreached People Groups).  

GAP-FTT presents 5,000 MUPGs as
the top priority task
to the world churches.

The 5,000 MUPGs are the top priority task given to the world churches.  In collaboration we strive to disciple these people groups.  Meaning, we raise local workers, plant churches.  Barely have they escaped from the UUPG status, but they are still in most need, as specified by the name, MUPG (Most Unreached People Group).