Chairman Rev. Dr. Goong Kim


I’m well aware why the Lord has founded GAP-FTT.  Creating yet another traditional mission organization was probably not on His mind.  While He was seeking for His people with the Father’s heart to do His will as His hands and feet in this generation, I just happened to be registered on His radar.  Perhaps our qualification comes somewhat close to His standards for choosing His people because we are weak and not to savvy, simply depending on His words while striving to obey to the point of utter ignorance. 

The 2nd phase of my life began as a missionary, planting a church in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA).  After 14 years of serving as a senior pastor, I retired early to begin the 3rd phase of my life.  During the 14 years, the core of the ministry has always been to radically obey the Great Commission and build a ‘missional church’ by equipping and training all my church members to become missionaries.  Despite the short tenure, God has granted us plentiful yields in the UUPG mission.  I call this the ‘King’s mission’.  I have carried out ‘King’s mission’ in my 14 year ministry and now God has called me to expand this mission among all churches in Korea as well as the Korean diaspora churches around the world, to which I obey.

GAP-FTT is an union of churches to unfold ‘King’s mission’.  It’s my firm belief that the church mission of the last days should be ‘King’s mission’.  The reason why the churches exist in the last days is to prepare the way of the Lord.  ‘King’s mission’ is not simply the UUPG mission methodology modelling the ‘holistic partnership mission led by the local church’.  It is the church restoration movement to return to the early churches.  It is to restore the essence of the church that Jesus has built.  To expand it further, let all churches become the Elijah church (Malachi 4:5).  In the last days, the true church, the body of Jesus Christ, should take on the role of the “two witnesses” (Revelations 11).

'King's Mission' calls to restore early church .

It is church restoration movement.

Why has Jesus’ promise to return not been fulfilled even after 2,000 years?  I know I’m asking the wrong question as it leaves me room to evade my responsibilities.  What about the 5,000 MUPGs which equates to 1.9 billion population (or 4.2 billion who belong to UUPG)?  This is the result of churches not obeying the Great Commission.  We as church take full responsibility for this.  It is self-evident as we read Matthew 24:14 and 2 Peters 3:12.  There is only one reason why Jesus hasn’t returned: the gospel of kingdom has not been preached as testimony to all nations(ethne).  The gospel movement in all nations(ethne) is a task delegated to the churches.  At the same time, it is the privilege bestowed upon the church.

Korean churches have been called for a special mission by the Lord.  That is to be in the forefront of the last harvest of the human history.  This is what I had keenly experienced during my ministering Korean diaspora church and now affirmed more and more as I see how the Lord is dealing with the Korean churches.  Now is the time for Korean churches to rise up with ‘King’s Mission’.  The new mission paradigm has come.  The churches are to break out of the traditional mission, to return to the vivid gospel of the cross.  The church is to become the community of radical discipleship.  All church members are to become missionaries.  With the essence of the church being restored and the keys of the kingdom of heaven in hand, all  churches are to jump into the battle to win over the enemy’s gates.  Please come and join.

We believe that the Lord is pleased to use the ‘King’s mission’, a subtle movement by the weak of the world.  Through the King’s mission movement we pray that the Korean churches are revived from the total crisis.  More than anything else we hope for the God’s Kingdom coming upon the 5,000 MUPGs still lost in the darkness.

May the peoples praise You, God;
May all the peoples praise You.

GAP-FTT Chairman, Rev. Dr. Goong Kim