GAP-FTT (Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing The Task) as a non-profit organization was founded in 2019 with a mission to mobilize Korean churches as well as international churches in planting churches in the Unreached People Groups.   As a launching point, we hosted the 2020 GAP4FTT (Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing the Task) conference.  GAP-FTT exists to start a momentum for the discipling-making church planting movement in the 5,000 MUPGs (Most Unreached People Group) of less than 0.1% evangelical Christians.

We promote the new paradigm, ‘Holistic Partnership Mission led by Local Church’ (King’s Mission) model for the mission movement.  Not only do we mobilize and train the local churches to strategically engage in MUPG mission but we train / support / collaborate / liaise / consult missionaries and the indigenous church pastors.

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Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing The Task


In short, our vision is to deploy the ‘King’s Mission’ (Holistic Partnership Mission led by Local Church) throughout the churches in the world to plant disciple-making churches in the 5,000 MUPG.


GAP-FTT is a voluntary union of the local churches to follow up and to actually carry out the unfinished tasks identified by the 2020 GAP4FTT conference.  Unified by the same vision, the local churches become partners (members) in launching ‘disciple-making church planting movement’ in the 5,000 MUPG, as identified as the top-priority mission task assigned to the global churches.  This is in line with the works which began with AD 2000 & Beyond Movement and has been continued by the FTT (Finishing The Task) movement.


GAP-FTT is committed the next 10 years to race toward fulfilling the following 5 mission objectives as stated in the 2020 GAP4FTT conference


5,000 MUPG
in Our Generation!

If only 10% of the Korean churches is awakened to radically obey the Great Commission, 5,000 MUPG mission can be fulfilled in our generation.