National GAP4FTT

National GAP4FTT Conference

2020 GAP4FTT (Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing the Task) had the plan to bring together 500 local pastors and workers from 90 countries (prioritized by the UUPG populations), global UPG strategy coordinators and leaders of resource providing organizations to Incheon, Korea. With the worldwide travel restriction imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this original plan became impossible. In response, we made the decision to send the conferences to satellite locations, providing all the resources online so it can be held as “National” conferences (GAP4FTT National Conference) in local settings.

56 Sessions

The entire conference (56 sessions in total, each 30 minutes) was pre-recorded by speakers, translated (subtitled and/or dubbed) into 21 languages then sent to satellite locations.

As a result the local pastors and workers who were unable to travel hosted their own 2020 National GAP4FTT conference in 16 nations.

Despite the fact that the National GAP4FTT conferences were meant to be the contingency plan for the COVID-19 situation, in hindsight we came to realize that it resulted in much more flexible and extensible form of hosting conferences. It allowed for a larger audience to attend in a contextualized setting. Praise the Lord!

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GAP4FTT Continues!

GAP4FTT is now advancing into African continent. Especially we work with the local missionaries from the Francophone nations (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Chad) as well as from the Horn of Africa(Ethiopia, Kenya, Somali, Sudan, Djibouti) where there are large populations of UUPGs. Please pray with us!

The massive prayer movement in Sri Lanka is ready to advance into mission movement. There is a plan in place to mobilize churches across the nation by hosting conferences in 2 cities in each of the 25 states. May the passion of prayer of the local churches converge into the passion of evangelism for covering the entire nation and beyond with the Gospel of Christ.

We praise the Lord who’s doing the great things in Sri Lanka!

… so that from Jerusalem and all the way around to Illyricum I have fulfilled the ministry of the gospel of Christ

Romans 15:19