Victor Choudhrie has been a senior Fellow of the American and British Royal Colleges of surgeons. In 1992 he resigned from his job as Director of Christian Medical College in Punjab north India to take up full time Church Planting Ministry (CPM). He is a non-Western and a non-theologian practitioner. His approach is goal oriented for reaching the finish line based on apologetics, and discipling skills that kick start a Disciple Making Movement (DMM). He mercilessly trashes all the holy cows that we call ‘church’ and pleads for the return to the simplicity and organically multiplying New Testament model of ‘House churches’ to put God back in hearts and homes of the people, where He belongs. Even if you are a veteran Church planter, you will find insights in his book GREET THE CHURCH IN YOUR HOUSE (Amazon-Kindle Edition) that will help you to reboot your ministry but if you are just joining the band wagon, then it will save you from reinventing the wheel.


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