Lift Up Sri Lankan Pastors!

Today, we are hauling 45 kilos of boxes of food in small trucks all over Sri Lanka, visiting starving pastors from all over the country. When I visited the pastors, the situation was very difficult and they were starving. There are 10,000 pastors in Sri Lanka. Among them, 70% are in indescribable hardships, and 1000 pastors, such as 10%, are in fact unable to afford their meals and are in an unbearable reality.

“After the wailing, revival will come.” Some pastor said it, but the situation in Sri Lanka is more serious than you think. My heart hurts so badly that I can’t rest at home even if my body is very tired.

The official announcement of 400,000 deaths due to the delta mutation coronavirus, which has been called the living hell of India, estimates the actual number of deaths to 4 million, and it is the worst human tragedy since the independence of India that the world knows. The problem is that the Indian delta virus spread to Sri Lanka without a break as a large number of Sri Lankans living in India entered the country.

In June, July and August, there were 200 deaths every day and 6,000 confirmed cases every day. This may sound like a small number, but in fact, in Sri Lanka, with a total population of only 20 million, the spread of the delta virus was very high compared to India compared to the population. Two houses across from one house are infected with Corona, and there are no more quarantine facilities due to a lack of oxygen beds, so even if there are family members who can’t breathe, they self-quarantined at home.

The power of death filled the whole country. The whole country has been in a state of coffee (no curfew) for nearly three months. The government, sitting in a pile of debt, could not repay the money borrowed from China a few years ago. After providing free land along the Korean Peninsula for 99 years, last month, the buildings in Colombo were taken away free of charge for 49 years before handing it over to the Chinese. Young people have no dreams or hopes, so the suicide rate is increasing. Even though Sri Lanka has relatively fertile land, during this delta virus period, too many people have died, and there has been an unprecedented situation in which rice cannot be obtained because there is no income for fertilizer and no farming.

The servants of the Lord could only pray with fasting and tears.. Churches that have been suffering from repeated caffe (national curfew) due to Corona for more than a year last year are currently closed for more than 6 months this year. I earnestly ask for your help in this difficult time so that we can get through this year’s hardship without going hungry.

So many people are in trouble, I earnestly ask you to help the 1,000 pastors who are 10% among the pastors who hold the key to the next revival so that they can buy food to eat.
For 10,000 rupees (about 60,000 Korean won) per household, you can get rice and simple food for about a month.
Today, I earnestly look forward to the Lord who will reward those who sow seeds with tears with an altar of joy.

Missionary J in Sri Lanka

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