CHAD 1st UUPG Mission Conference

God has opened the eyes of the ministers so that they can see how urgent missionary work for the unreached peoples in Chad is through this conference at the most appropriate time! The first unreached peoples mission conference held in Chad, Africa was held from March 23 to 25, with 65 participants (local pastors, evangelists,…

스리랑카 종족개척 선교대회

“주님께서 하신일, 그리고 ‘더 큰 일’도 하리라고 하신 주님의 말씀(요 14:12)이 이제는 믿어집니다.” S목사님과, J선교사님 그리고 L선교사님은 스리랑카의 복음화를 위해 하나님께서 이 시대에 특별히 예비하신 드림팀 (dream team) 입니다! 매주 스리랑카 전역을 다니며 선교대회를 통해 현지 교회들을 깨워 미개척종족 선교의 비전을 제시하고 훈련을 준비하고 있습니다. 스리랑카는 코로나의 사회적인 스트레스가 있음에도 불구하고 사역들이 활발하게 진행되고 있습니다….

East Africa UUPG Mission

“All pastors with prayer with tears… confessing before the Lord and decided to look for lost sheep.” The seeds of tears were sown where pastors representing Kenya’s 19 tribes gathered. The voice of prayer in response to the Lord’s voice, “Find the lost sheep,” that transcends the disparities of different denominations, along with tears, was…


GAP-FTT (Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing The Task) exists to provide SUPPORT / NETWORK / TRAINING / LIAISON for churches to engage in UUPG mission.