CHAD 1st UUPG Mission Conference

God has opened the eyes of the ministers so that they can see how urgent missionary work for the unreached peoples in Chad is through this conference at the most appropriate time!

The first unreached peoples mission conference held in Chad, Africa was held from March 23 to 25, with 65 participants (local pastors, evangelists, missionaries and church leaders) from different regions gathered together with the opening prayer of Pastor J. started. It was held for 3 days and 2 nights, and every hour, people watched the race pioneering lectures produced and translated into videos, followed by group discussions and prayers along with a prepared questionnaire.
All the local ministers who attended were delighted that for the first time in their lives, they were given a lecture that gave them abundant teaching and challenge and that they were challenged. During the testimonial session, confessions of finding the mission and earnest longing for pioneering unreached peoples poured out. We also had time to strategize how each local church would apply and practice the mission of the unreached peoples.

Resolution adopted through the 1st Chad Mission Conference

  1. Adoption of unreached peoples: Varma, Arab, Pla, Kanembu, Kotuko, Misarit, Gulay, Mongolia (region)
  2. Mobilize missionary resources that have been passive for witnessing the gospel of unreached peoples and planting churches.
  3. Expansion of resources for planting unreached people groups in the local E-denominational mission
  4. A plan to encourage mission education and guidance in each local church in Chad
  5. A special missionary week is set and executed every year for one week.
  6. Establishment of a mission training special organization for members belonging to each local church
  7. Presenting a vision and training each church to plant a church in unreached ethnic groups
  8. Plan for field trips in other countries where local workers can be trained on missions of unreached peoples

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