Shodankeh B.E.B. Johnson grew up in Freetown Sierra Leone, the son of a Methodist businessman and Muslim wife.  Influenced by his mother, he nurtured a lifelong love for Muslims that would eventually change the spiritual trajectory of his country.  During the 1990-2000 civil war Shodankeh, still a young pastor spoke out publicly regarding injustices cruelty from both military and rebel armies.  A remarkable evidence of this is that he was captured and set for execution by both the rebels and the army, but God intervened to save his life both times.  Late in 2001 Shodankeh attended a perspective on the World Christian Movement in Murfreesboro, and heard David Watson, a highly successful pioneer of Disciple Making Movements and Shodankeh spent much time with David over the next years learning how to launch the first Africa movements in modern times.  In 2002 he returned home to build New Harvest Global Ministries that could launch multiple wholistic DMM movements that could spread movement across Africa and beyond.  New Harvest in partnership with New Generation has launched dozens of movements in multiple Countries.  In the last 15 years Shodankeh has trained and coached thousands of Christian leaders around the world and launch sustainable and replicable Disciple Making Movement


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